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About Us

And in no way is my success with anyone except with Allah; in Him I have put my trust, and to Him I turn penitent.”Quran 11:88

This site wouldn’t have been done without the guidance and will of Allah SWT. Through dedication and endless hard work, we wanted to create a site that can help answer any doubts or thoughts one may have regarding Islam.

The content of this site will always remain free and accessabile to the public. The purpose of the site is to help others who might be struggling with doubts, don’t have direct access to a sheikh or mosque or non Muslims who are interested in understanding what some may deem as “controversial” topics in Islam. We will continue to update the site and post more as we learn better. Time and patience is important when answering anything according to the deen as everything we say, share or post – we will be held accountable of it on Judgment Day.

May Allah SWT be pleased with our efforts and may he accept us and continue to guide us.


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